The platform does not require personal data, the on-site user scans the QR Code and enters the products menu directly, without the need for declaring any personal information.

The QR Code embeds a reference to the table or place position to be able to identify and serve the customer who made the order.

In the case of the RistoRaggio Personal Card, the QR Code is encrypted and contains the relevant information for take-away or delivery identifying the customer's name and address used for servicing on delivery or take-away.


Our software platform uses an innovative method, which does not need to install APP from the store. This means that the procedure is immediate and non-invasive and that user is not required to log in with a username and password or to enter any information to identify the customer who orders.

Each manager has personal access to the dashboard console, it works like an APP from any mobile device or PC. It is therefore sufficient to use a SmartPhone to receive orders, but any other device such as a computer or tablet can be used.


Sure, RistoRaggio is an excellent solution for customer loyalty and to enhance the prestige of your restaurant with an innovative and digital approach. Here's how; from the App using the Dashboard Console, you can print the 'RistoRaggio Personal Card', it consists of a personal and non-transferable card embedding a QR CODE, in which the name, surname and address of the customer owner is encoded, so that he can safely place orders, even from home or from the work place.

A special function allows you to send this card, it'll be a clickable code via Whatsapp or via email. The code, being encrypted, cannot be tampered and the manager will be able to recognize a trusted customer, without fear of receiving fake orders, and without having to manually copy menus dictated by telephone or received via other channels such as email or WhatsApp.


A QR Code will be displayed on each table, if the customer wants he can submit the order with his SmartPhone, nothing prevents the waiter from scanning that QR Code in place of the customer, thus sending the order to the kitchen or counter, where a another SmartPhone or dedicated device will be used to manage the order and where the automatic order printing for the kitchen will possibily take place (requires POS printing module)

Yes, directly from the APP on any printer, they will be shown in shop exhibitors or table display formats, or on adhesive labels. Alternatively, we can provide you with ready-made labels and displays pre-printed with the QR CODE of table numbers or position indications you want to use.

Both as a customer and as a manager, on all existing operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows, Linux

RistoRaggio can print on any printer, but for bills and kitchen orderings an 'ESC / POS' 80mm thermal receipt printer is preferable, which can be supplied to the manager upon request.

The printer can be equipped with a special network connection adapter, which runs the printing software and in this case it is autonomous.
Alternatively, the printer can be connected to a local network or directly to a PC already owned on which to install the management software, which is completely transparent to the user.


RistoRaggio is a platform for proximity orders, which means that very often the customer will want to pay the waiter in cash or by card, it is however possible to activate an online payment system, such as PayPal or the major credit card circuits.